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Best Air Cooler In India

An air cooler is a flexible machine that can be placed anywhere. You can feel cooler and more comfortable. Several electronic brands, such as Sharp, Midea, and Symphony, have also produced air coolers equipped with various advantages.

With so many products being sold in India, you might be confused to choose. Therefore, we will share tips on how to choose an best air cooler that suits your needs. After that, there will be recommendations for the best air cooler products that we choose for you.

Midea AC100-A

White color and beautiful appearance, this air cooler can make beautify your home interior. Besides, the body is relatively slim, so that it won’t take up much space at home. Plus, the various features in it will make cleaner and healthier air for you.

Midea AC120 6L

When using an air cooler, the room should be closed so that the cold air feels more leverage. However, this often causes the air to become too humid, leading to allergies and breathing problems. If your area has relatively humid air, you might consider this product. With a moisture absorbing feature and an air filter, this air cooler can make the air at home healthier and fresher. The furniture in your home will be free from mold.

Sanken Sac-38

This one product includes the best air cooler at a friendly price; imagine being equipped with ion water, but it’s still under 70 USD. This water ion makes the air that comes out safe and clean from germs so that parents don’t have to worry about a water cooler’s dangers for babies. The power required is only 69 watts, not to mention the water tank capacity reaches 6 liters. Another advantage of Sanken Sac-38 is that the filter is equipped with bacterial water, which keeps the air clean.


  • Has a water diagnosis feature
  • It has a wide swing angle
  • Equipped with a remote control

Symphony Ice Cube I AC

Symphony Ice Cube brand is a good ice cooler and saves electricity. Moreover, it is equipped with a reliable timer system for up to 7 hours and an alarm when the tank is empty. For those who have problems with mosquitoes, Symphony Ice Cube is a product that can help and comes with sophisticated filters so that the air quality is better. This air cooler is intended for a large room, so it is only natural that the power required reaches 105 watts.


  • Huge water tank up to 17 liters
  • Equipped with dura pump technology so that the pump lasts longer
  • The air cooler can be changed direction without changing position
  • Equipped with wheels at the bottom
  • Has 3 different speed levels


Symphony air cooler has several types of water tank options to choose products according to their needs. Symphony provides all of its products with a remote control making it easier for users to operate. Besides, one other advantage of the Symphony brand is that it does not make a loud sound.


  • Available in several types of options
  • Equipped with a remote control
  • No noise

Sharp PJ-A26MY-B

Sharp PJ-A26MY-B is arguably the best sharp air cooler brand with satisfying reviews from its users. This brand is a favorite because it proves to be economical and durable but has many advantages and is affordable.

The water tank capacity is quite large, which is 6 liters; with the addition of ice, this water cooler can even make the temperature in the range of 3-5 degrees Celsius. The auto swing lovers installed to make the air spread horizontally to cool the entire room.


  • The bottom is equipped with wheels
  • The price is friendly
  • Equipped with the latest filter technology
  • Friendly prices
  • Sharp 1 year warranty
  • responsive remote control
  • 2 color choices, namely black and white.

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