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Best Hitachi AC In India

The Hitachi brand always produces good quality products like kitchen kits, laundry machines, and aircon.

This air conditioner is equipped with a copper condenser coil, which has better heat transfer properties and is not prone to corrosion. Because of this, it can provide better cooling performance and requires less maintenance.

Hitachi MERAI4100-X

This is one of the best air conditioner by hitachi. Hitachi MERAI4100-X is complete with inverter technology that saves electricity. Its performance and features are capable of producing stable air temperatures according to remote commands. This air conditioner is complete with a powerful compressor, able to withstand hot temperatures. You can take advantage of the soft dry mode to ensure the room’s humidity level; the automatic fan can adjust the cooling level as needed. The design of Hitachi MERAI4100-X is exquisite, not easy to fragile. The filter cleaning indicator provides important notifications for you to clean at a certain time.

Hitachi Zunoh 3300f

The Hitachi Zunoh 3300f has a stainless steel filter, so you don’t bother with dust allergies. Allows everyone to feel the cool and fresh air. Hitachi Zunoh 3300f’s performance is very efficient and the right choice to enjoy optimal room temperature. The use of air conditioning is always synonymous with environmental damage, but not if you choose Hitachi Zunoh 3300f. This air conditioner, which originates from China, has an eco-friendly refrigerant feature, so it doesn’t destroy ozone.

Hitachi Kampa RAU312HUDD

Complete with a highly reliable Rotary compressor, this split air conditioner can be the perfect air conditioner in your home. This very efficient air conditioner can cool a small space. Features automatic, cool, dry, or fan power saving. Be able to adjust the room temperature as you need. If you often feel too cold at night, you can set the time via the wireless remote so that the air conditioner does not operate while you are asleep.

Hitachi Kampa has gone through 43 stages of quality testing, proven to prevent bacterial growth and increase air conditioning efficiency. The engine is sturdy and durable, has a deep grooved copper-coated aluminum fin.

Hitachi MERAI 3100S RSE312HBEA

MERAI3100 Inverter Air Conditioner was created to produce long-lasting cold air with maximum engine performance. Complete with a cooling capacity of 1 ton so that it can cool a large room. The tropical compressor allows optimal cooling without draining excess energy.

Armed with inverter technology, MERAI3100 Inverter Air Conditioner is an energy-saving cooler. The compressor can ensure that the air conditioner functions efficiently, with a soft sound, without disturbing the house’s sleep.

Hitachi RIDAA 3200F RSD318EAD

Specially designed for comfortable homes and rooms, Hitachi RIDAA 3200F can cool evenly to every corner of the room. Complete with a power mode, you can determine the maximum speed to make the room cooler. Automatic fan speed can adjust the cooling rate based on needs.

It is said that Hitachi put together the RIDAA series with the latest construction and the best in design. Automatic restart mode saves the AC settings so that when it is turned off, it will function in the previous setting.

Hitachi 3100S RSFG312HDEA

You can rely on the Hitachi 3100S RSFG312HDEA air conditioner in hot situations. With a capacity of 1 ton, it is perfect for large room sizes; you don’t need to worry about electricity capacity because Hitachi 3100S RSFG312HDEA is equipped with energy-saving technology.

Like the Merai series, the 3100S features a rotary compressor which is extremely energy efficient and capable of excellent cooling. Maximum air circulation of 425 CFM, with 2.5-meter connecting pipe with defrost sensor, aluminum fins, and inner copper tube. Claimed to be the best-in-class performance, the Hitachi 3100S is complete with a copper condenser and an R410A refrigerator. Features Auto Fan Speed, Auto Restart, Filter Clean Indicator, and tropical inverter.

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